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What We're Doing
The Missing Slate

The Missing Slate is an internationally based and formulated, art and literary journal that aims to promote young voices and talents on a global level, bringing to Pakistan and globally, previously unpublished authors, poets, journalists, photographers and artists. Its editorial team is decentralized and located in the UK, US, Australia, Pakistan, Canada and Australia and was formulated with the intention of bringing a platform encouraging freedom of expression, transparency and thought in Pakistan. 

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Project A: The Guild

“Project A” is a union of artists and is a project designed with the express intention of bringing various artists from different forms and structures, together. It was initially formulated with the intention of providing a space for Pakistan’s growing community of artists to put up their work, have it analyzed and receive critique/feedback from their peers.

Over time, it has matured and streamlined to focus on a set of activities that further promote freedom of creative expression, and has cemented its presence online through its rapidly growing presence on Facebook, twitter and tumblr.

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Creative Development

One of low key/slate’s core aims is promoting new and budding acts (based in Pakistan or of Pakistani/South Asian origin), whether they are artists, actors, musicians, writers, photographers, poets or dancers. As long as they are creating art in any of its forms, low key/slate is there to provide them with a platform to do it. We are working to have our registration formalized in Pakistan and can then take more concrete steps into print and offline ventures, aggressively pursuing this agenda.

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